I Gave Up Cigarettes Why Cant I Give Up Chocolate

Its been over six years since I had a cigarette and less than an hour since I had some chocolate.

I can’t seem to get through 24 hours without wanting to eat chocolate at least six times a day and giving in at least once a day. I love chocolate, the creaminess and chocolatey texture, the good feelings that come when I eat it, I love the taste, the smell  and the variety. In fact I love everything about chocolate apart from the calories.

I know that each item of chocolate I eat reduces my chances of losing weight. I know that yet I still eat it.

There is no other item I have tried that can tempt me as much a chocolate.

The smell of fresh bread or toast or bacon or chip shop chips covered in vinegar, all these smells make me hungry, they make me want to eat them but I can stop myself. I can say no. When it comes to chocolate however I don’t stand a chance.

The only way I have succeeded in the past was to not have any chocolate in the house and to never buy any at the supermarkets. This way if i wanted chocolate I had to not only have a moment of weakness but actually part with some cash to buy it, and usually have to go to the shops too! The problem we have at the moment is that the girls had too many selection boxes so there is just too much chocolate in the house.

I still cant understand how I can have the willpower to not smoke but not eating a piece of chocolate seems like the hardest thing in the world.