I am to blame for Elizabeth’s Cancer

According to an article published today in the Daily Mail, I am to blame for Elizabeth getting Cancer.

I allowed her to remain sedentary for more than two hours a day, I am not talking about watching tv or playing online, I am talking about the fact I sent her to school.

Shock horror my daughter sat still for more than two hours a day whilst at school!!!

Schools up and down the country are giving our children cancer and it is our fault as parents for allowing them to attend.

How could we? How could we wish them to get an education? How could we encourage them to sit nicely and listen or read stories? and how dare we allow them to watch TV or play games consoles?

Don’t we care for our children?

We are evil parents for allowing this and I must be one of the worst.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that your child attending an exercise class or physical activity is preventing this you are still giving your children Cancer.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that a healthy diet will prevent it, just sitting still for two hours a day gives you Cancer.

Fuck off Daily Mail, next week you will be telling us that sleep gives you Cancer.