How to protect your child from the bad effects of online games and betting

Betting is fun. If you indulge responsibly, it can be an enjoyable pastime for adults. It brings some excitement to your life, which can be good for you. Some adrenaline is always welcomed to better our mood, but only if we can control it. Most online games are readily accessible these days, so even a child can access them with ease. The same goes for most online betting sites. This creates some concerns for parents regarding their children’s health and safety. These industries do very little to limit their outreach. They welcome young players because they see them as potential clients in the future. It seems like all parents need to take some extra steps to protect their kids from some bad influences of the online casino industry.

Try The Old Fashioned Way

Sometimes, strict discipline is the only tool that can get things done. Parental control, a lot of passwords, and blocking many casino websites. Every kid these days can enter an online casino, although he or she might be a juvenile. Every site claims that they do not allow those under 18 to gamble. In reality, kids just click on an age confirmation button. They also steal your credit card information. That is why monitoring software can be a reliable solution. That way, one can see which sites his/her child enters regularly.

Thanks to mobile phones, mobile gambling is more available than ever. Coincidently, every kid older than 4 years has his mobile phone. The impact on teenagers is the heaviest as they spend hours on their iPhones. Parents’ fear of iPad casino sites and child addiction to mobile games is real. Once you notice the symptoms like social withdrawal or depression, your kid is already gambling your money away. So, maybe those parental control apps may not be such a bad idea after all. Perhaps, the lack of privacy is a small price to pay for your child’s health.

Softer Approach

There is something about kids. They always do the opposite of what they have been ordered to do. It is understandable but irritating from any parent’s perspective. Keeping your child from casino halls or roulette tables may require a softer approach. Otherwise, you risk rebellion and possibly creating even more damage in the process. Talking with children requires patience and honesty. You spent countless hours playing mobile games back in your days, so do not lie to your kids. Explain to them why excessive gaming can be dangerous. Describe how any virtual world can be addictive and alienate one from the real world or real people. 

Also, do not pretend like you never gambled in your life. Tell your kids how stressful that can be. Especially when you lose and try to regain that lost money by gambling even more. This way, they will relate to you and trust you instead of rebelling against you. Parents can’t compete with an ongoing gambling industry development. Their only weapon is gaining their children’s trust. That requires some communication skills and a lot of patience. Ultimately, that is a long-term winning strategy as opposed to being a strict disciplinarian. 

Carrot And Stick Approach

Sometimes, combining both strategies is the best solution. As soon as you notice some early signs of child addiction, it is time to have a sit down with your kid. If honesty, patience, or your friendly approach doesn’t help, maybe it is time for some strict measures. This means blacklisting online casino sites. Even the one with a stellar review. It also means monitoring which sites your kid visits and banning online games for a while. With some luck, this combined approach will make your kids realize that moderation is the key. Also, they must understand that gambling is only allowed for adults.

Putting your browser into a safe search mode is just the first step. Exercising parental control may be necessary to prevent your kids from betting away with all your savings. The same goes for mobile games, which can easily lead to child addiction in many cases. Every kid has a first-class iPhone these days. That translates into instant access to every betting site worldwide. Perhaps limiting their allowances is how to protect children from online casino games. In most cases, restrictive measures only inspire rebellion in teens. Maybe talking with them and explaining the downsides of gambling is the key. Nothing spells good parenting like showing how much you truly care about their wellbeing. If that doesn’t work, just block every site that offers jackpot slots or free bonus spins. Above all, set some good examples for your kids. Do not be a hypocrite, and if you do gamble, do it responsibly.