How to pack efficiently for a home move

Moving house can feel like an absolutely massive chore. You’ll likely have to take holiday time off from work, but instead of feeling rested at the end, you’ll have a bad back and want to sleep for a month. While moving home will never be easy, you can definitely make it a lot easier. One of the most important things you can do is to get your packing process right – here’s how to pack efficiently for a home move.

Plan your packing

It’s easy to just take the packing process head-on, shoving things in boxes in a frenzy of activity. Indeed, this is what most people end up doing, but it’s definitely not the best way of doing things in most cases. 

We recommend that you make a plan early on, going through each room and thinking about what bits of furniture need taking to bits. Based on that, try to make a timeline, being sure to start by packing items you use quite irregularly and finish by packing things you use every day, such as pots and pans, toiletries and towels. 

Spread the process out

One of the most beneficial things you can do to make your packing process easier is to spread the overall packing process out. Based on your plan, you can likely start packing certain things like books a few weeks before the actual moving day, allowing you to get a head start.

Make sure that you label every single box that you pack, especially if you start early on. This will be massively helpful when it comes to unpacking at your new house, as you won’t need to rip open every single box to know where each box belongs.

Use a comprehensive removals service

When looking at removals services like Bright Movers, be sure to look out for options that offer a more comprehensive service. Some removers won’t just move your items from A to B – they’ll also be able to help with the packing process, whether you want them to help you box items up or just take some bits of furniture to pieces. Some services can even put your items in storage for you, keeping them safe until you need them again and then delivering them back to you when you’re ready.

Use high-quality boxes

You can make the move a lot easier for yourself if you use high-quality packing materials. Thin, poor-quality boxes can tend to rip or warp when you pick them up, making it a lot more difficult than necessary to move and pack the boxes into a car or van.

Use good boxes, but also make sure that you pack them well. You don’t want any of the boxes to be too heavy (they should all be relatively easy to lift) and you also want them all to be as full as possible, so that the contents don’t rattle around.

Taking the packing process seriously is important. You might be able to save a bit of time early on, but if you don’t pack efficiently and label all your boxes, you’ll just be left with a lot more work later when it’s time to unpack everything.