How To Make Your Teen’s First Car Even More Special

Getting your first car is a memory you’ll never forget. The feeling of freedom and possibility is truly unique to getting the keys to your first car, and it is a crucial milestone into adulthood. If your teen has recently passed their test and you’re helping them buy their first vehicle, there are many crucial elements to consider. 

Most parents will naturally want to ensure that the vehicle they purchase for their kids is safe and reliable. Thinking about style and personalisation for your teen’s first car can also be invaluable. You will want to ensure that your child can enjoy their car, and that includes all the little extras that can make a first car truly special. 

Keep It Smelling Great With A Car Diffuser

Most first cars for teens are second-hand, meaning they might not smell the freshest. A deep clean can ensure the vehicle is safe and hygienic, but you might still need more to keep it smelling great. A car diffuser can be an excellent option that will keep your teen’s vehicle smelling great whenever they use it. Car diffusers can be easily plugged into the cigarette lighter power points and will infuse the car with whatever fragrance your teen likes best. 

Buy A Private Number Plate

A private number plate can be an excellent option for any first car. The more your teen prizes their vehicle, the better they’ll care for it, so a personalised number plate can be a great way to give them pride in their new wheels. You could look for a plate that spells out their name, initials or nickname. Find a reputable seller and ensure you understand the ins and outs of buying a DVLA private plate. Regtransfers has a vast range of personalised plates that can help you find the perfect fit. 

Install A Bluetooth Adaptor

If the vehicle you have helped your teen buy is on the older side, you might need some plug-in tech to help them play their own music. Older cars are less likely to have Bluetooth capabilities, but there are Bluetooth receivers that you can install that will allow them to connect to the car’s radio. Bluetooth adaptors allow your teen to listen to whatever they want while on the go and are typically cheap and reliable options.

Find A Hands-Free Smartphone Mount

It is crucial that you impress upon your teens the importance of not using their smartphones while driving. Phone use has been associated with an increased risk of accidents, and younger people are more likely to be the ones caught using their phones while driving. Installing a hands-free smartphone mount in your teen’s vehicle can be invaluable in reducing the chances of them using their phones while driving. 


In addition to practical considerations when buying a teen’s first car, it is crucial to think about what will make their new car feel special and exciting. This means thinking about how they will want to personalise their vehicle, how they’ll listen to music and how they will navigate in the vehicle. Once the car is theirs, they will likely choose their own accessories and ways to personalise it, but you can start them off with some great options.