How to kill a few hours in London


In two weeks I am heading to London for the Cosmo Super Blogger Masterclass. It is only a few hours on a Tuesday night but to make the train tickets affordable I had to book an early train.

I arrive in London at half past one in the afternoon but the event doesn’t start until half past six.

What can I do in London that will kill five hours?

How if I had loads of money I would head straight to Camden and shop to my hearts content but unfortunately that is not the case.

I am looking at things to do for free, things that are interesting enough to keep occupied for a few hours. I was hoping that the British Library had an exhibition on but unfortunately they all start the week after. They have a fantastic propaganda London Exhibition that starts on the 17th which looks good.

I would still be interested in seeing the library though as it is one of those places that I have walked past many times and never gone inside and with 14 million books there is bound to be something to take my interest.

There are a few permanent galleries and the Sir John Ritblat Gallery contains the Magna Carta which surely has to be something that everyone should look at just once.

So that is what I will be doing, I will visit the Library and look at all of the historical stuff that I should have seen by this point in my life. The British Library sent me a book called “Inventing the 21st Century” I have not read it yet but it looks really interesting. Receiving that book is what made me think about what a great place the British Library will be to visit.

I am not sure it will take me the whole five hours so what else can I do?