How to Keep Kids Warm All Winter

Parents know just how challenging parenting can sometimes get. This is particularly true if your kids are still too young to be able to properly convey their thoughts and feelings to you. One of the biggest challenges first-time parents face is knowing how to dress their kids properly to keep them warm during winter. 

While it is important to note that every kid is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all solution, there are still some general ways you can ensure that your kid stays nice and warm. Check them out.

Check the humidity

The humidity levels can really mess up your assessments of just how cold it actually is outside. While the weather forecast might claim that the air temperature is around 20 degrees, if the humidity levels are high, it will feel much colder. That is why you should take into account what the forecast states, but also go outside and check for yourself. The wind is another thing that can make the outside feel colder than it actually is, so take that into account as well.

Get proper winter clothes

Of course, you can’t expect to keep your little ones nice and warm unless you dress them in the right type of clothing. Layering is the key when it comes to mastering warm winter outfits, but more on that later. Make sure your kid has a durable and sturdy winter jacket that will work as the first line of defence against outdoor elements. Also, make sure you get warm sweaters and pants to ensure that they stay cosy head to toe. When talking about toes, those are the first to feel cold no matter how warm your kid’s shoes are. That is why you should also get a couple of pairs of warm wool socks that will keep their tiny feet nice and toasty. 

Layer, layer, layer

As mentioned earlier, the secret to being able to stay warm in winter lies in layering. But don’t think that the more layers you put on your kit, the warmer they will be. Instead, be smart with your layering efforts. Choose soft cotton undergarments to make sure there is nothing irritating touching their skin. The mid-layer should be made of a material that is not too thick but that can still provide proper insulation. For instance, there is a good reason fleece is a favourite when it comes to winter clothing. Next, down suits are the best choice, especially for smaller children, as they provide enough warmth and are excellent at keeping them dry. Of course, gloves, scarves and hats should never be forgotten either. 

Make the stroller nice and toasty

If your kid is still a baby, aside from getting them ready to go outside, you also need to ensure that you make their stroller ready as well. Since your kid will only be sitting in a stroller – unlike you who will be walking, their body temperature won’t get as high as yours do to the lack of movement. For that reason, you need to add a blanket to your kid’s stroller and wrap it around them to keep them warm. If the temperatures are extremely low, avoid spending too much time outdoors. If, however, you absolutely need to, you can add bottles with warm water to your kid’s stroller and provide them with an additional source of heat. 

The most important thing is to always keep an eye on your kid. If you’re out playing in the park and you notice that your child doesn’t look too happy, make sure to check their clothes. Some parents take things too far and put too many layers on their kids which can easily make them feel too warm and uncomfortable.