How To Improve the Health of Your Workforce

A healthy workforce is a happy workforce. As an employer, it can be difficult to promote a healthy lifestyle. Depending on the number of employees you manage, there may be added expenses and scheduling involved. But there are a number of steps you can take to improve the health of your workforce in a way that is convenient for everyone. Continue reading to find out how.

Host educational workshops

Whilst most employees are aware of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, they are more likely to listen and get involved during company time than they are outside of normal working hours. By hosting educational workshops on a regular basis, you can motivate employees to not only listen but engage with what you have to say. Curating weekly or monthly challenges during these workshops is also a great way to ensure maximum participation. For example, you could award a prize to the employee with the highest monthly step count or the winner of an outdoor obstacle course. By keeping it simple, you can have fun and feel great.

Offer company health insurance

As an employer, company health insurance can be a great way to ensure the health and wellness of your workforce and minimise employee downtime. It is usually offered to employees that have worked at the company for a prolonged period of time as an employee benefit or an additional extra. One of the benefits of company health insurance is that the monthly premiums are often less than they would be for an individual health insurance plan. Contributions can be made by the employer or the employee and is usually deducted from their monthly payslip. To find the best health insurance for you and your workplace, you must shop around. A leading health insurance comparison site, such as Switch Health, can help you find the right package deal for you.

Provide onsite fitness

Whether you have the space, budget, and facilities to provide a comprehensive gym or fitness suite or just a small weights room, employees are more likely to exercise if the equipment is there. Physical activity has been proven to boost mental health and enhance cognitive function. Providing onsite fitness can not only improve overall health and wellness but also have a positive impact on productivity and morale within the workforce. If employees complain they have no time to use the equipment, consider extending lunch breaks or hosting fitness classes outside of normal working hours. This may seem counterintuitive at first but could end up boosting workplace efficiency in the long run.

Offer healthy lunches

Offering healthy alternatives to takeaway or junk food can ensure your workforce are fuelling their bodies and brains at work. This may even have a knock-on effect on their diets outside of work. A self-serve salad bar is a great way for employees to choose their own meals whilst maintaining a balanced diet. If you have the budget to do so, consider hiring a nutritionist or chef to ensure meal options are consistently healthy and rotated on a regular basis. If you only offer the bare minimum, staff are likely to get bored and continue their search for a quick bite to eat elsewhere. Food may not necessarily rank highly in your list of priorities as an employer, but it should.

Promote physical exercise

As an employer, there are a number of ways you can promote physical exercise and remind your employees of the importance of staying fit and healthy. For example, you could host a sponsored sports day where employees partake in their favourite sport in exchange a small charitable donation. If you struggle to find the time to maintain this tradition on a regular basis, stick to once a year. An employee-wide walk or run can also be a fun way to get to know your employees outside of the office and get your blood pumping. You could also sponsor a local sports team. This can not only encourage employees to get involved but increase brand awareness in your local area as well as on a wider scale.

Offer flexible working options

The rise of flexible working options has exploded in recent years. With more employees than ever before choosing to work from the comfort of their own home on a part-time or full-time basis, they are less likely to suffer from stress or burnout as a result. A change of scenery can also lead to greater productivity and morale as well as an enhanced sense of trust between you and your workforce. Flexible working options tend to be more successful when they are routinely scheduled such as one day a week or the last Friday of each month.

As an employee or business owner, there are a number of steps you can take to improve the health of your workforce. As well as host an educational workshop, you can offer company health insurance, provide onsite fitness, offer healthy lunches, promote physical exercise, and offer flexible working options.