Guide to Choosing the Right Number of Clothes For a Baby Boy

If you are waiting to deliver soon, you must be thinking about the baby boy clothes you need in terms of quantities, types and sizes. You must be aware that babies sometimes make big messes and having a huge number of clothes is the only way you can avoid spending much of your time in the laundry room. You also have to consider that babies grow fast, so the clothes that fit them in their first month may not fit them in the third. So how many clothes does your baby boy need? This article will guide you on how to determine the right number.

Factors to consider


The number of times you do laundry is a major factor to consider when determining the number of baby boy clothes you should purchase for your new-born. Most people do their laundry once a week, but you may need to add one or two extra times for baby clothes. It is easy to identify the number of clothes you need after identifying your laundry patterns as you can estimate the number of clothes the child will wear every day. The number of clothes you need is a multiplication of the clothes you will go through each day by the days you will go without laundry.


The weather mostly determines the type of clothes you chose. You can choose sleepers made of light material if you live in a hot area or opt for another cloth type that suits the weather. People who live in cold areas need cold and thick sleeper and several of them. Hats are also crucial new-born clothing if you live in a cold area.

Going Out

Will you spend most of the times indoors with the baby, or will you be going-out frequently together with the baby? You can maximise on sleeper if your baby will be at home all the time. However, if you want to go out and to visit your friends and family accompanied by your baby, you look for some fashionable baby boy outfits like shorts and t-shirts.

Numbers per Type


Sleepers are a must-have for new-borns as they are both day-time and day-time favourites. Sleepers also make diaper changes easier as you only need to unbutton the bottom part. To estimate the correct number of sleepers you should have, consider the number you will be using per day. You may need two to five sleepers per day for the first three months, but the number will reduce as the child grows.


You may not need a lot of onesies in the first six months as they are hard to put on and take off. You may, however, have to purchase more onesies if the child is born during the hot season. You can estimate the number of onesies you need using the average of one per day.


You may not need shirts during the first six months as they are not comfortable and safe for the new-borns. You can, however, buy a few shirts (for special occasions) after you have introduced solids. The best time to increase the number of shirts is when your baby boy has started walking.