Home schooling our way to happiness

Its been three months since we decided to take the girls out of school and I have to say it has been a fantastic three months. We have really relaxed our schedule since the first month of home schooling and we have really enjoyed spending time together doing all sorts of fantastic activities.

We have been on days out, holidays and in the garden. We have played on swings, splashed in puddles and picked flowers. The girls have learnt to swim, to read and to have fun together.

Both of the girls are due to go back to school in September with Alison due to start reception and Elizabeth starting year 2. The school have been fantastic and we will be having a meeting in a few weeks to work out a plan for settling her back in and making the transition easy on her. It is going to be a big step sending them back and we are already thinking about ways to make the transition easier on them both.

We have really enjoyed our home schooling journey and Although I wish we could continue I know it is for the best but in the mean time we are looking forward to spending the next few months enjoying the summer and learning together too!