Guest Post: Top three essential pieces of bedroom furniture

Bedroom furniture is extremely important, which is why you should take your time over choosing the right pieces. Too much furniture will create an overly cluttered space, whilst too little will leave you with no room in which to display your belongings. There are however a number of key pieces that you undoubtedly need – regardless of whether your bedroom furniture style is modern, vintage or traditional.

1. The bedside cabinet

Placing a cabinet besides your bed boasts a number of advantages. It acts as a space in which to place a glass of water, a book and a bedside lamp. Many bedside tables also come complete with a drawer or two, which leaves extra space to place other belongings, such as jewellery, nightwear or evening crèmes and lotions on.

Without a bedside cabinet, you may find that you have to constantly get up throughout the night – whether it’s to get a drink of water or to switch the main light off.

2. The wardrobe

Everyone requires a space to store clothing, which is why a wardrobe is one of the top three most essential pieces of furniture in the bedroom. If you’re bedroom is a little on the small side, sliding wardrobes are a great option.

Instead of opening out the doors, simply slide them across to reveal the wardrobe’s contents. Many come complete with a mirror finish, which certainly saves on investing in a bedroom mirror and kills two birds with one stone.

Mirrors also create the illusion of a larger space. Although bedroom drawers are extremely popular, those who have little space to work with can often get away with just a wardrobe. A number of today’s modern styles come complete with in-built drawers as well as hanging space, allowing for the best of both worlds.

3. The bed

Possibly the most important and most essential piece of furniture in the bedroom is the bed. Without this, you quite simply have nowhere to sleep.

It’s important to invest in a bed frame that ties in with the entire bedroom. Choosing a style that boasts a soft hue or one that is created in a timeless wood is a great option, as instead of updating the bed every time you decide to revamp your room you can focus on the surrounding furnishings instead.

A bed is a great central point and one that can be dressed up or dressed down. Those who prefer a more contemporary and minimalistic style may wish to keep bed linen white and crisp, with a simple throw placed at one end. Those who prefer a more lavish style may choose to add a vibrant bedspread complete with an abundance of plush cushions and a brighter cover.

Bedroom designs

For more inspiration on furniture styles and which pieces are the best investments, check out these must-have bedroom furniture essentials.

Furniture comes in a variety of designs and shapes which generally means there is something to suit almost every room and every taste.

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