Guest post: Newborn essentials – what do you need?

It can be incredibly difficult to sift out the essentials you need for a new baby from all the other things you can find in the baby aisles of supermarkets and high street stores. This particular part of the industry is huge, with parents buying everything they think they’ll need, and then some.

When people go through having the first child and plan for a second, they have more of an idea of what’s actually ‘essential’ and what can be done without. There’s so many things that parents may have bought for their newborn, fully expecting to use them, but have since found that they could have gone without. Here are some of the essentials that many parents will insist on, though.


Obviously, baby clothes are essential but the type of baby clothes you buy is important. So much money can be wasted if you don’t think about what you buy. Remember that a newborn baby isn’t ‘newborn’ for long, with them outgrowing their clothes within weeks, if not sooner. Rather than spending a fortune on every cute newborn outfit available, buy in different sizes too in preparation. A good selection of George’s baby clothes, from newborn up to 3-6 months (to begin with) would be ideal.


Many parents think that muslins are a godsend. Similar to bibs, but a lot more versatile, muslin squares can outlast a bib ten-fold and can be used in so many ways. Not only are they larger than bibs, so can be used to wipe up dribble and possets with ease, but they can also be used as modesty cloths for breastfeeding in public, as well as security blankets as the child gets a little bigger. The possibilities are endless and the purchase of bibs can often be avoided completely.


Newborns don’t really need many toys at all to stay entertained. They are more than happy checking out the world around them without even thinking about what toys they have access to. Chances are other people will buy them toys for you anyway, but if you do feel like picking up a couple of goodies, teething rings and scrunchy, bold coloured goodies from  Lamaze, for example, would be perfect.


Don’t worry too much about overfilling the nursery with all manner of things that you may think are necessary to bring up a child. A decent amount of storage, in wardrobe or drawer form, would be ideal, while the cot needs to have a cotton sheet and some simple cotton blankets. You don’t have to worry about cot bumpers or fancy blankets, even if they do look cute as a button. A mobile and a baby monitor could be useful, especially once you have made the transition between your room and theirs.


Nappies are essentially, obviously. However, so many parents invest in baby toiletries such as bath oils, bubbles and talcum powder that will more often than not just gather dust. A newborn baby doesn’t need any products at all on their sensitive skin – simple warm water is enough to give them a wash.

Whittle through the non-essential items and pick out the bits that you do need. Save yourself money and you can always add to what you have as and when you need to, anyway!


Baby Elizabeth

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