The grass is always greener on the artificial side

A beautiful lawn is an iconic symbol of what it means to be English. The grass is an integral part of our collective psyche whether it’s beautifully manicured golf courses in the Scottish Highlands, the centre court at Wimbledon or any number of village cricket greens up and down the length of the country. Ubiquitous, pleasant and if we’re being entirely honest, a bit of a hassle to maintain. Huge jumps forward in artificial grass synthetics mean that there are now a huge number of advantages to choosing artificial grass over its natural cousin.

Save time and hassle

Artificial grass doesn’t have to be cut, it doesn’t have to be watered, it can just be enjoyed. A few sprays and some periodic upkeep and your grass will look good as new all year round. Artificial grass is an ideal product for landlords. Tenants usually don’t want to spend time and money maintaining a garden and so artificial grass is an excellent compromise. For those people who travel a lot, maintaining a garden can be a hassle. Being UV resistant, artificial grass allows you to come home to a garden that looks exactly the same upon your return as it did on your departure.

Better for the environment

There’s no need to water artificial grass, you can keep the savings from your water bill for something more pressing. As water becomes a scarcer commodity there is increasing governmental pressure not to waste water wherever possible. With summers likely to increase in temperature and duration, there will be more hosepipe and sprinkler bans than ever before threatening to leave your grass at the mercy of the sun. This is not the case with artificial grass, which also doesn’t require any of those nasty pesticides or harmful chemicals to maintain its lustre.

Better for your children and pets

Artificial grass is softer than ever meaning it’s entirely safe for your children to play on. It won’t harden in the summer or soften and create muddy sinkholes during the rainy seasons. No more repeated washing of the favourite T-shirts. Artificial grass is soft on pets’ paws and very easily cleaned. Something you’ll care about, even if they don’t!

Some people think that artificial grass will never be as good as the real thing, we disagree. Artificial grass in the modern 21st-century garden can be much much better.

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