How to Find Good Cartridge Replacements for Canon Printers

If you are a Canon owner then you will probably have needed replacement ink at some point and realised that Canon cartridges are incredibly expensive. However, rather than paying exorbitant amounts can hunt around to find great replacements for a fraction of the cost!

Did you know that only half the ink you buy will ever end up on a page as it is also used to maintain the machine, thus making the ink even more expensive? For this reason you

Shop for Offers

One way to find affordable replacements is by taking the time to shop around and look for offers. Many stores will have different ink offers for you to benefit from at different times in the year. Therefore, it makes sense to do your research before you go shopping to find the shop that has the best offer.

Printer ink is not usually heavily discounted but you can expect to find offers up to around 20% off if you are lucky and some stores even offer bulk buying discounts on top of that. This means if you have the room to stock up, it may benefit you in the long run to purchase more than you currently need (as long as you can use all the ink before the expiry date printed on the packet). One of the online printer ink shops that I prefer can be found here!

Check Local Ads

Another way of getting your hands on good quality inks is to search local listings and adverts to see if anyone is selling unopened, new cartridges. It is common for people to accidently buy the wrong ink and you can benefit from their mistake by offering a price that suits you budget. You will need to be prepared to go and collect the ink but this way of purchasing could save you money in the long run.

You can even put an ad up onto a local site sharing your printer details and asking anyone if they have any ink, they want to get rid of. People will see your ad and if they have the inks sat around their home, they may then contact you to make some money, while you get to enjoy a decent discount. Again, with this method, you should expect to either cover the cost of postage or be willing to collect from the seller in person.

Try Canon Compatible Cartridges

Our final suggestion is to try a compatible ink provider who will sell you replacement ink at a heavily discounted price and post it directly to your door. One great example is Smart Ink, a company that only sells replacement inks and works hard to produce the best replacement ink on the market.

Say you needed a new 581 ink for Canon printing then you would just need to type in the cartridge code, select the ones you want and then pay. It is all done online and you can enjoy free shipping. The cartridges come ready to install so that you do not need to waste time fiddling around before you can print. Replacement inks are such high quality these days that we confidently recommend this option as the best way to find cheaper Canon cartridges.