Flooring Options for Families and Kids… Vinyl or Hardwood?

In a room or house that gets a lot of activity with kids, you need to make a smart choice when it comes to remodelling your floors. We already know the downsides of carpet and kids… carpet traps dust and shows stains and wear more than other flooring types. Not to mention is one of the highest allergen flooring options available.

The biggest question that usually gets debated is whether vinyl or solid wood flooring is the best option for families and young children.

Solid wood Flooring vs Vinyl Plank Flooring

If you’re opting for real solid wood flooring, you need to be aware of the Hardness Rating. Essentially this measures the woods ability to withstand dents and wear. The higher the score the more durable it will be over its lifetime. Another factor if solid wood is your choice is the type of finish used on the floor. You want to get a durable, more scratch-resistant coating on the floor. Often white oaks or European oaks come in oil finish and are more susceptible to scratches. Look for UV Lacquer finished floors, this type of finish puts a thicker more resilient coating on the wood and is much harder to scratch and dent with normal wear and tear.


The thing that sets vinyl apart is that it is much more durable than most all other types of flooring and a fraction of the cost! It is by far the most affordable flooring option on the market today. It is really easy to install this type of flooring as well. Most DIYers can install glue down vinyl plank flooring themselves without needing to pay a professional.

Final Thoughts and Design Options

Choosing between these 2 options can be difficult. The final few questions you need to ask yourself are overall budget and design of the room. The plus about vinyl plank flooring is you can get it in almost any type of colour or look. They make vinyl to look like either tile, wood, or even porcelain! This type of flexibility and the more cost affordable price point of vinyl plank flooring often times make it the more popular option.

But for those extremely environmentally conscious, solid wood flooring is the better option. A lot of species are easily renewable like bamboo and the manufacturing process is much less harmful on the environment. Not to mention a lot of families like the idea of real wood flooring even if the price point is slightly higher.

Whatever your choice make sure you research the company to ensure quality and good manufacturing practices!