Five Smart Ways to Save on Family Travel in 2023

The cost of flights has gone up by 20% in comparison with the same period last year (March to April). Hotels have increased by 64% and are charging a nightly rate that is $316 on average. This has not reduced the desire for family vacations, with 85% of families indicating their intention to vacation.

However, affordability is a key constraint and families are looking for ways to cut costs and achieve some savings. Covid and inflation are the twin issues that have led to widespread concerns about being able to afford a decent vacation. Prices have risen across the board.

Despite these setbacks, we have looked into some smart ways that will help you to save on family travel this year.

Make Travel a Budgetary Priority

It is essential to prioritize family vacations as an important opportunity to deepen familial bonds and get some well-deserved rest and fun. Consider how much your annual family vacation means to you and if you are prepared to make some trade-offs, such as not buying a second car, or choosing a less expensive home. Nothing restores depleted energies and renews hopes more than a great vacation away from daily concerns.

Save on Flights

Deal with the number one vacation expense – the cost of flights. Instead of being fixated on only one destination, create price alerts for a few possible places you would like to go to as a family. You can book your flight to your preferred destination when prices drop sufficiently or spend less on another destination. Another smart tip is to cancel a flight when you receive an alert for a cheaper one and use the canceled flight credits to pay for it. This works if you are sticking to the same airline. When planning a vacation that requires a flight, always check Google Flights first. If you know how to use it, you will be able to find the best and most cost-effective flights. You can also get free flight alerts.

Make a comparison between airports that are conveniently located near your home and vacation destination. Be a bit flexible with the dates you input to cover the biggest range of flight prices and drops in fares. It will cost you 15% less to fly on a Wednesday. Booking a month in advance can net you a ten percent saving.  

Budget carrier services keep their prices low by cutting out on some of the perks. For example, you may not be able to choose your seat – see what the fine print says. Meals may not be provided, and you will need to add something to cover them.

Consider Alternative Destinations

Visit the popular destinations off-season and stick to the cheaper places in-season. You can also save with national destinations rather than going abroad during peak vacation times. Look for alternatives to the better-known national parks.

Make the Most of a Strong Dollar

In countries where the dollar is strongest, you will get more out of your cash than where it is weaker. Currently, this includes Vietnam, Thailand, Canada, and Mexico. Asia is generally a favorable option for maximizing your money, but bear in mind that a destination nearer to home will cost less to get to, and this is your biggest expense. Before making a final decision, consider the political and civil factors in an overseas destination to make sure that it is safe for a family vacation.

Cheaper Cruise Options

It will cost you 50% less to enjoy the views from the sea than by land. It all depends on the type of vacation your family enjoys. For example, if you want to spend most of your time outdoors or camping, this would not work for you. Remember, rooms with a view of the ocean cost more than interior rooms.

It is possible, with a bit of effort, to cut down on your vacation expenses substantially by following these tips.