Great Educational Gifts for kids

Purchasing a present for a child can always be a bit daunting, and part of that is due to the wide array of products available for sale. The other part comes from the fact that you need to always consider the kid’s preferences and the likelihood of him or her using that particular gift. Although it is great to choose educational gifts, if he or she has no interest in using a pair of binoculars, for instance, it will end up in a drawer or given as a present to someone else.

On top of that, the age of the gift recipient also needs to be given some thought to. There are certain types of presents that score big with teenagers, but they might not have the same amount of success with a toddler. And that’s not only because the toddler might not even have the same physical attributes as an adolescent. They might be dangerous or just inappropriate.

If you have run out of ideas, but you still want to get something that’s useful yet also ticks the educational gifts box then check out the suggestions below.

How about a microscope?

Obviously, microscopes can be split up into several categories, and some of them do not address the capabilities of little children. Nevertheless, these days, there are models made by National Geographic, for instance, that are particularly easy to use as they don’t even come with eyepieces. In fact, they are equipped with small screens where the kid can visualize the piece being magnified. On the other hand, if you don’t want to get a more or less expensive device, you could do with a USB microscope. Microscopes make great educational gifts.


The same rule of thumb with regard to usability can be applied when it comes to purchasing one of the best telescopes for children. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t get a $7,000,00 model for your toddler as he or she might not be able to handle the complexity of the device.

Plus, as you know, little kids can be clumsy (not that there’s anything wrong with that), so the likelihood of the child breaking the device is quite high. However, telescopes are nifty for several reasons, two of them being that the user will learn more about space, and even astrophysics, later on when he or she grows up.

A jewellery making kit

For those children who have nothing against spending time alone and who might be interested in taking up a hobby involving crafts, a jewellery making kit can definitely come in handy.

As with the other types of presents mentioned above, with this one, you’ll have to decide whether the child’s age is appropriate for handling tiny wires and beads. A toddler might swallow these, so they can pose a real threat to the kid’s safety and health if you aren’t paying attention. In fact, we advise against gifting such a product to a very young child.

While it might be less educational to some extent, a jewellery making kit will develop the child’s creativity and allow him or her to experiment with virtually harmless things. You might even manage to turn them into a businessperson, who knows?