Do you live in fuel poverty? – infographic

Sometimes you receive things in your mailbox that really make you think. I love infographics as these tend to do it quite well. The one below supplied by Baines and Ernest is all about saving pennies and the planet so it is well worth looking at.I was shocked to find that over 4.8 million homes were in fuel poverty in 2010. I always wondered what that meant and basically, it means that they spend more than 10% of their total income on fuel.

Now our gas, electricity and water bills are not small by any scale but they are definitely not 10% of our income.

Maybe it is due to how many people are on benefits? I can imagine struggling if neither of us worked but then I would hope our bills would still be ok as we are careful on how we use our energy.

We turned our heating off in February and have survived since then with jumpers, blankets and the living room fire. We have a water meter so we have taught the kids not to be wasteful and we have low energy appliances. Our only real issue is all the items on standby but I do not have the patience to wait for the Skybox to load every time I want to turn it on.