Dino Bite by Drumond Park


Save the Dino Babies and avoid the Dino Bite!

A race against the dinosaur, save as many of the dino babies as you can without disturbing the Dino. The winner is the last one left after everyone else has been bitten or the person with the most eggs when there are none left..


Really easy to clip together and simple enough that the kids can play it without needing an adults help all the time. I love the atmospheric jungle noises that are part of the game play, it really does keep the kids attention and the roar of the T-rex (called Trevor apparently) as he lunges for your fingers certainly gives you a fright.

The dice is really easy to understand and the tweezers are definitely made for little fingers. This is one game that the girls have a really good chance of winning. They are so agile and are able to lift the leaf and snatch out a dino baby with ease whilst I am left struggling to grab one without waking up Trevor.

We have only had this game in the house for a week or so and it has been played with so much. In fact it has been taken in and out of the box that many times that the box is beginning to look very worn and battered already.

Another great title from Drumond Park and another firm family favourite in this house and at £19.99 RRP it is great value too.


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We received Dino Bite for the purpose of this review