What is on my desk

Even after all these years working for myself I still struggle to stay motivated and get my work done. My main problem is that I have started to sit on the sofa when I am working. With that in mind, I decided that it is about time I sorted out my desk again and made it a productive working space.

My desk is the one place in my house where I can really express myself. It is practical yet fun and although it is in the corner of the living room it is still my special area.

The wall around my desk is full of things that make me happy. Ewoks, Harry Potter and Adventure Time. The Adventure Time quote really caught my eye and I knew that I needed to buy it and the Harry Potter quote was given to me by Soph Obsessed for my birthday.  I also love my wipe clean calendar which helps me stay organised (when I use it) and I really need to update it to reflect the month ahead.

My shelves are a little chaotic but they really do show off my personality. With a mix of Star Wars and Harry Potter items surrounded by general chaos, these shelves are where I like to put all of my favourite things that make me smile. The lower shelves are a bit more organised and they hold my printer, accounts files and various other important business items but they are not very interesting at all.

The top of my desk is home to my C3PO Bluetooth speaker, my alexa and my Lumie light which I really need at this time of year. Under my desk is my filing cabinet which holds all sorts of random bits including my Canon Ink Cartridges, printer paper, pens and other stationery items. I do think I need a bigger one now as it is getting a bit full so I might take a look at Furniture at work for as they have some nice looking Filing cabinets.