“Daddy put a rat in my bed!”

When Alison was screaming the house down last night because she didnt want to sleep in her bed I tried to comfort her, I tried to talk to her and eventually I just comforted her until she fell asleep from exhaustion but it got me wondering. Although Alison is going through that stage (you know the scream at everything stage), she usually loves her bed even if she does protest because she doesnt think it is bedtime. I have never seen her like this.

After a brief discussion in the car with Hubby this morning in which I stated something most have spooked her on Saturday night for her to be like this he very innocently said

“I wonder if it could be the toy rat I put in her bed, I thought she might think it was funny”

Yes you read that right by Hubby tucked a small black toy rat into my two year olds bed and didnt tell her because he thought it was funny.

So next time she is screaming and having an awful nights sleep I am going to let him deal with it because no Mother woul dever put a rat in their daughters bed!

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