Christmas Games Gift guide

Playing family games has always been a fun part of Christmas for me so here are my choice of Christmas games this year.


Pumpazing from Drumond Park

Head on over to my gift guide giveaways to win this and read my review here.


Angry Birds from mattel

Its all the rage andI know that people young and old will enjoy throwing birds at pigs in lots of weird and wonderful ways. Move all the breakables though.


Chameleon Crunch from Mattel

Along with quite a few others Elizabeth loves the look of Chameleon crunch. in fact if it has an animal and a catchy jingle then she wants it. This looks fun though.


Cut the Rope from Mattel

Alison pointed this out to me at Toys r us a month or so ago and she really wanted it. She loves the app and the game looks fun too. Need an adults help to set up the scenarios though.