Christmas checklist: how to winter-proof your house

As every mum knows, Christmas isn’t only the most wonderful season of all. It’s also the busiest – especially when you’re the lucky host this year. Of course, the luxury of having so much quality family time is one of the best things about the holidays but it also brings a whole load of extra responsibilities. Getting your home ready for the upcoming festivities involves more than just shopping for presents and stocking your kitchen cupboards – it means taking the time to winter-proof your house as well.

In case the twinkling lights and glittering trees have distracted you, winter has arrived. As picture-perfect as a snow-covered Christmas morning is, there’s a big burden on your house to keep on going throughout the ravages of winter weather – after all, a nasty flood or boiler breakdown will quickly bring the party to an end. To help you stay on track this busy festive season, we’re sharing a checklist of all the unfortunate but necessary jobs you’d do well to get out of the way before the big day arrives.


1: ensure the boiler is in working order

Imagine trying to enjoy a Christmas Eve film night in the freezing cold, everyone’s noses slowly turning blue and the windows icing up before the credits have even rolled – that’s the grim reality of having a boiler breakdown over the holidays.

Getting a certified professional to look over your boiler will quickly throw up any likely problems, and you can also limit potential causes of trouble by checking all pipes and radiators for signs of wear-and-tear.

2: protect yourself from rodent invasions

As the temperature drops, you’re far more likely to suffer an invasion from some very unwelcome house guests – rodents.

Block all entry points and keep on top of cleaning to deter them as much as possible, but if there are already signs of an infestation you’ve got a much bigger job ahead.

Traditional poisoning methods can leave dead rodents to rot under the floorboards and, believe us, no number of cinnamon-scented candles can mask that smell. The best way to get rid of mice and other pests is to call in the experts.

3: limit the effects of water damage

Forget about betting on a white Christmas – everyone knows the typically wet British weather means we’re far more likely to be eating our roast turkey whilst a rainstorm rages outside.

It makes keeping your house safe from a disastrous flood or costly water damage essential. Limit the risk by ensuring the roof is secure and without obvious leaks, and by clearing out all gutters and drains – blocked pipes and freezing temperatures are not a good mix.

Once you’ve worked your way through this checklist of things you need to do to winter-proof your house you’ll be free to enjoy the more exciting and fun jobs of the festive run-up.