Christmas 6yrs plus Gift guide

All gifts on this guide should cost between £10 and £30 depending on where you buy them from.


Sterling silver WellJel necklace from Argos

check out my gift guide giveaways for a chance to win this necklace.



My niece used to love the Bratz and I didnt get it but these oh I love these. Teaching kids that alternative is cool thats ok in my books. They could really do with fattening them up though and a few long gothic skirts wouldnt go a miss but you cant have everything.


Novi Stars

I fell in love with these at Christmas in July. A light up one, a smelly one, a glitter one and a metallic one they each come with a little pet. Its a great alternative to the traditional dolls and with only four in the set you won’t bankrupt yourself if they start collecting them.


Christmas puzzle from Ravensburger

Because everyone should have a Christmas Jigsaw or at least i wish I could have one plus the space and peace and quiet to actually build it.


Orbeez Spa

Another thing I saw at Christmas in July and already purchased for Elizabeth this was the top present on her list and it just looks so girly that I know it will be a hit. Plus the balls used are really nice to run your fingers through. I may have done that for quite a while.


A Mighty Boom Ball from find me a gift

This is hands down one of the most surprising little gadgets I have ever seen. Read my review here.


Wobble Deck from Worlds Apart

This is a great skill game. Check out my review here.

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