Christmas 3 to 6yrs Gift Guide

All gifts on this guide should cost between £10 and £30 depending on where you buy them from.


AppLingz from Apptoys

Head over to my gift guide giveaways to learn more and enter to win one.


Vtech Electronics Switch and Go Dinosaurs

Head over to my Gift guide giveaways and read my review before you enter to win this fab toy.


Playdoh Candy Cyclone  from Hasbro

A great gift for young creative kids and with a catchy tune this is a hit in our house. We will be reviewing it in full soon but in the mean time we are just enjoying making playdoh sweets.


My Little Pony Royal Wedding Castle Play Set  from Hasbro

This set was a real delight, it came with the castle, two ponies, lots of accessories and a huge amount of imagination. It is easy to assemble and the girls love it. I think it may have started a new love of My Little Pony now though.


Golden Coin Maker from John Adams

If your kids have seen the advert then they are bound to have wanted one of these and they are good, however they dont come with chocolate so be prepared and I hope you have patient children because this is not something quick and easy.


The night before Christmas puzzle from Ravensburger

I love ravensburger puzzles and this Christmas one is no exception. Maybe a good Christmas Eve gift to get into the mood.


Cars Lightening Hawk McQueen from Mattel

Another one high up on Alison’s list as a lover of all things Cars and Toy Story, Lightening McQueen as an aeroplane is just plane awesome (see what I did there, hehe)


Creative Cakes from Lego Duplo

I saw this at Britmums Live and fell in love with it. What a brilliant Lego Duplo set for young girls. Definitely a hit this Christmas.



We are really looking forward to getting one of these in to review and hope it arrives soon. You sing into the microphone and it comes out of the Singalongz in their own voice. They also connect to each other so they can all sing together.


Trash Pack Street Sweeper from Flair

To go along with the awful trashies comes the street sweeper, at least this one tidy’s them up and it actually does a pretty good job. We love ours, well Alison does anyway.


Tatty Teddy and my blue nose friends Peanut’s Lamphouse

We love our one of these and it still has pride of place in Elizabeth’s room. Check out our review here.


Pillow Pet Hats from Pillow Pets

Now this is here because its so cute but Pillow pets themselves are pretty awesome. Did you know they now do football mascot ones? and there is even a Scooby Doo one due out next year.

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