Christmas 2021 gift ideas for young adults

When I decided to create a list of gift ideas for young adults I wasn’t just thinking about being young as a number, more like a concept. When we haven’t quite grown into our adulting just yet. I would love to consider myself in this category but I think as I get closer to 40 I should probably admit that I can’t get away with this much longer. That said, there are some great gift ideas on this list that I would be happy to find wrapped up on Christmas morning. All of these items were gifted to me but I curated the list myself.

Calm your tits card game – This tongue in cheek card game has some brilliant graphics, enough innuendos to make it not suitable for kids and is generally lots of fun. An ideal stocking filler or secret Santa gift.

Oddsocks Sock Invaders – There are lots of different styles of Oddsocks from cute and cuddly to a little bit crazy but these video game ones are perfect for young at heart adults. Oddsocks are literally that, pairs of socks that are not actually pairs so you can mix and match and have a bit of fun. Available from Wicked Uncle.

Big Potato Games jigsaw puzzles – If you love jigsaw puzzles but want something a little bit more interesting then these two are perfect for you. Complete the puzzle and then find the 101 hidden movies or band names. There is even a sheet to complete showing you where to look for each one and if you are really stuck you can go online here and see how you did, no cheating though!

Red Letter days Triple Supercar Driving Blast experience – Nothing says adrenaline-fuelled like driving expensive cars really fast around a track. This fabulous experience gives you the chance to drive 3 different supercars as well as enjoying a high-speed passenger journey with a trained driver. Red Letter Days have a huge range of experiences for different price points so you are certain to find the perfect gift experience.

Cuisipro stainless steel egg poacher – Nothing says millennial quite as much as poached eggs and avocado on sourdough toast but cooking the perfect poached egg isn’t as easy as people think. These Stainless Steel egg poachers may start out as a bit of a fun gift idea but I bet they will be treasured!

Smash insulated lunch bag and stainless steel water bottle – With many people heading back to the office it is the perfect time for a new lunch box and water bottle so they can save money on office lunches whilst looking stylish. Available from Sainsbury’s.