How to choose an eternity ring

Someone recently asked me whether or not I believed in eternity rings, and I have to say – I do. I think rings help us symbolise key moments in our lives, whether it’s the birth of our first child or a momentous wedding anniversary. And this got me thinking – how do you choose an eternity ring that’s perfect for you (or your partner)? Here’s what I found:

Half or Full Eternity

Eternity rings can come with diamonds all the way around the ring or just covering half of it. Obviously, you’d assume that a full eternity ring is a way to go – more elaborate if you will.

However, there are some advantages to half eternity rings (and not just the cost).

If you’re buying an eternity ring as a surprise and your recipient hasn’t tried it on yet, a full design might not be resizable – and if it is, you’ll have the hefty cost of having gemstones removed or added.

Full rings are also far easier to damage because the gemstones underneath your finger are going to be subject to more wear and tear. So if you or your recipient are quite hands on – a half design might be the better option.

The Width

It probably goes without saying that the wider the band, the bigger the diamonds and the more sparkle you’ll get. However, if the ring is to go alongside a wedding and engagement ring this might not be practical.

The Style

A grain setting is the most traditional style, where each diamond is intricately held in place by grains of metal or tiny beads, with a thread-like edge bordering them. Sometimes, this edge can be finished off with added detail to give it a vintage-inspired look.

Another popular style is called the ‘cutdown setting’, which can also be referred to as the ‘edge setting’. Here, the entire width of the band is covered in diamonds with the metal of the ring being cut to secure and hold the stones. This helps create a thinner band (if you’re using smaller diamonds).

Or, there’s the channel setting where metal runs around each side of the band to hold the top and bottom of the stone in place. This offers a more contemporary feel and works well with square or princess diamonds.

The Gemstones

Obviously, diamonds are the most popular choice for an eternity ring but if you fancy something different, coloured stones may be the answer. From yellow diamonds to sapphires and emeralds, there’s a vast array of choice to suit your individual personality.

Taking all of these factors into account should help you find the ideal eternity ring, whether it’s for you or a lucky recipient.