Can You Trust Urine Drug Test Results?

What is a urine drug test kit

For the past couple of years, the usage of drugs and other types of substances that influence people has started to increase. Ever since corporations and other organizations started to realize the increase in different substance abuse, necessary measures were taken to control the amount of substances that people consume.

To further elaborate, since these substances and drugs influence people’s actions, many corporations and organizations have started to require their employees and members to provide seasonal drug tests to ensure that they are not acting under the control of these drugs. 

At first, those who were required to provide test results started to go to medical institutions to get the tests done. However, the repeated accumulated costs of getting the drug tests done at these medical institutions started to have an effect on people’s expenses. 

To solve this issue, innovators came up with a solution to help people avoid this problem; the solution was urine-based drug testing kits. With this type of testing kit, people are able to take the tests from the comfort of their homes without having to spend a lot of time to get back the results. Even though many strict companies do not accept the results of these due to the fear of false negatives, others have understood the effectiveness of the product and have accepted drug test results in the form of urinal drug testing kits. 

Are there any different types of drug tests

The first type of drug test kit that was introduced in the United Kingdom was the urine-based one. Nevertheless, as people realized the effectiveness of the UK urine drug test, other types of testing kits became available. The additional testing kits provided people with a wider list of options they could choose from. 

So, nowadays, people can find oral swab testing kits, where users are required to collect a certain amount of their saliva onto the cotton swab. However, the difference between this type of testing kit is that after the saliva is collected, people are required to send the swab back to the company that provided the kit, and wait a couple of days to get back the results. 

On the other hand, a blood testing kit is also available, where people are required to dribble a couple of drops of their blood onto the tool, and the device will be able to deliver the results after a couple of minutes. Additionally, there are types of blood testing kits where people can also send their blood back; this will allow them to get a more detailed drug testing result. 

Advantages of using urine drug tests over other types

The availability of other types of drug testing kits may confuse people on which type is the most effective and best one to use. Even though each type has its uniqueness, urine drug test kits provide people with effective, accurate, and timely results. 

This type is considered to be effective because it does not require a lot of effort from people; in other words, when taking a urine-based drug test kit, the only requirement that people are supposed to do is to collect a sample of their urine and drip a small amount onto the tool. On the other hand, it is effective because people have the opportunity to take a couple of tests at the same time since the required amount of urine is not a lot. 

On the other hand, the chances of getting false positives when taking the urine-based drug test kit are low. To be more accurate, a 95-98% accuracy is recorded when the accuracy of the drug test was tested. 

Finally, using a urinal-drug test kit provides people with quick results. Additionally, the tests are usually delivered to people’s houses, making them convenient to use. 

Can you identify different types of drugs using a urine test

Since the urine drug test kit only provides positive or negative results, it is important to understand whether the kit can also provide what types of drugs a person has consumed. This is important because there are people who take prescribed medical drugs, which are essential for their health, and not taking them may cause harm to them. When these people are required to provide testing results, the test results must indicate which type of drug is evident in the provided urine sample. 

So, lately, companies who provide these kits have introduced innovation by making advanced testing kits where a certain color can indicate the type of drug. In other words, the kit will come with a manual, where each type of drug that can be legally prescribed medically will have a certain color; so, due to this innovation, people can now identify the different types of drugs with a urine test. 


To conclude, due to research and development done on urine-drug testing kits, people can trust urine-based drug testing kits to get accurate and timely test results at reasonable prices.