Camping at Festivals – The items you might have forgotten

We have been camping at festivals for a few years now and we have all of the essentials. The tent, the stove, the sleeping bags, these things are just the basics but what about the things you might not have thought about.

This post pulls together a variety of items from safety aspects to keeping the kids entertained to ways to save money. So many things to think about that I am sure you will thank for when you take a look.

The first things I am going to show you are all about safety. I am saddened by the amounts of times I have read that someone has died in their tent due to Carbon Monoxide poisoning. Usually, because they have used a BBQ inside. Pack a carbon monoxide alarm just to be sure. Just keep it with all your other camping stuff and take it with you each time. I hope you will never need it but if you did you will be happy that it was there.

Next up is Storm tent wash. You can not clean a waterproof tent with normal detergent as it will remove some of the protection. Storm tent wash allows you to clean your tent without damaging it. Once clean use Storm proofer to make sure it is fully protected.

Not just for camping but for any long car journey. The RING RTC1000 Rapid Digital Tyre Inflator is my husbands (and mine) new favourite garage. I absolutely hate checking tyre pressures at the garage and I have to nag at hubby to do it all the time so this really is a blessing. Driving for any distance with tyres that are under-inflated can cause damage so make sure you have this in the boot of your car to use as needed. It would also be brilliant if you get a slow puncture.

If you have been to a festival in the last few years you would have seen these inflatable chairs. My girls have been pestering me for them but I refused to pay the prices at the festivals. I managed to pick this up in Aldi a few months ago but they are available in lots of different places at almost have the festival price.

When it comes to camping you can never be sure of the weather so preparing for some rain will ensure that your kids do not drive you too crazy. Especially when their phones run out of battery.

These fantastic take n play magnetic classic games were a huge hit with my girls and the fact they come in a tin so everything is kept together and the pieces can’t get lost makes me very happy.

Going to festivals can be very expensive especially when you add in the cost of face paint, glitter tattoos and whacky festival clothing. This is where the Fab Lab products really come in handy. Create your own tie-dye clothes before you go to save cash and look great. The face paintoos are brilliant for those of us who are artistically challenged and the glitter tattoos and tattoo jewellery are easy to use. Add in the hair chalk to really look amazing and keep the kids happy.

Have you come across anything that you might not have thought about that actually made Camping at a festival so much better.