Getting ready for our Bizzy Bubs Baby Shower

On 5th July at 5 pm we will be taking part in the Little Live Bizzy Bubs Baby Shower twitter party with UKMums TV using the hashtag #BizzyBubsBabyShower.

To help us celebrate we were sent a Bizzy Bubs Baby Shower party box so we can invite some of our friends around to party with us. Included in the party box we received some of the Bizzy Bubs toys for us to play with.

We were sent two of the Bizzy Bubs playsets. The Cute carrier and the Cute Crib. Gracie comes with the Cute Crib, she comes with a bottle and a dummy. Gracie bounces up and down in her crib and babbles away. Swirlee comes with the Cute Carrier, she also comes with a bottle and a mummy. Swirlee plays Peek-a-boo which is really cute, she also babbles. To activate the Bizzy Bubs you need to press the pin on their nappies. As well as the two playsets, we were sent a selection of the single characters as well.

Little Love Bizzy Bubs come in walking or crawling versions. Each of the single Bizzy Bubs characters retail at £14.99 and they are really interactive. You give them their dummy when they are sleepy and feed them their bottle when they are hungry. They even burp and pass wind which the kids think is hilarious.

We were also sent a selection of party activities which we can’t wait to use at our Bizzy Bubs Baby Shower next week.


If you want to join in with the twitter party and have the chance to win your very own Bizzy Bubs then head over to Twitter on 5th July at 4 pm and join in with all of the fun with us.

Head to the Character Online website to find out more about the Little Love Bizzy Bubs products