Birthday wishes

Elizabeth turns 6 in a month and apart from wanting every single toy she has seen an advert on the one thing she really wants is a new bedroom. Roll back to 2012 pre cancer Elizabeth and Alison shared the smallest room, sleeping in bunk beds. The largest room in the house reserved as a fantastic play room. This changed and Elizabeth needed her own room along with all of the equipment that went with it. We cleared out the playroom, added a bed and it became Elizabeths room.
That was it. No planning, no special furniture, a room built from necessity. When Alison turned four last year we redecorated her room, she had a fabulous new bed, new wall stickers, bedding and accessories. It became her space. I didn’t think any more about it but Elizabeth really wants a princess bedroom .

With this in mind I have been searching the internet for inspiration. We are looking to place Elizabeth in a storage bed or a high sleeper to allow us to make the best use of the space. With this in mind I decided to enter the #FADSBagabed pinterest competition which can allow me to win a new bed for her. You can find all the details on this link

The room is painted with grass and a sky along with a hand painted rainbow and I don’t really fancy repainting it so we are looking at Princess Wall stickers to replace the current Dora the Explorer ones and think with some great accessories, new bedding and some girly curtains will really help to turn this into her dream bedroom.

I have pulled together some of my favourite finds on this pinterest board and will be running it by Elizabeth to see what she thinks. I can’t wait to make her room her own and I know she will really enjoy having a girly space of her own.

Can you think of any other princess/girly touches that I am missing? Seen anything perfect for a fa
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