Turn your bedroom into a sanctuary for sleep with these simple rejuvenation ideas

As a busy parent chances are you are not getting enough sleep. Whether you are still battling on with night feeds, you are sharing most nights with a star-fishing toddler, or your older children are keeping you up with nightmares and sleep problems of their own, sleep is a difficult commodity to come by. Modern life gets in the way of slumber too, with excess blue light from digital devices messing with our melatonin levels, to high stress and anxiety issues, modern life is not exactly geared towards 8 hours of sleep a night…

However, despite all the hustle and bustle and stress and anxiety that comes with being a parent in today’s modern world, there are a few things we can do to help promote good sleep and improve our overall health. Here I will share with you how you can turn your bedroom into a sanctuary for sleep with some simple rejuvenation ideas.

Upgrade your lighting

Dusty old lampshades and dull overhead lamps have no place in a bedroom that is designed for sleep. Thankfully, you can update your bedroom lighting in a flash with these strip lights from ultraleds.co.uk. You can create a cosy and relaxing bedroom environment with warm white strip lights or for contrast during waking hours, consider installing colour changing lights instead! LED strip lights not only put you in complete control of your bedroom lighting, but they look ultra-sleek and modern too, instantly transforming your tired old bedroom space.

Find the right mattress

How old is the mattress you are sleeping on? Anything older than 8 years should be updated for something new. The quickest way to enjoy a good night’s sleep is by resting on the right mattress. When you take into consideration how many hours a year, you are going to be spending on it, it makes sense to invest in a new mattress that supports your body properly and one that matches your sleeping position.

Ban technology

As mentioned above, technology and digital screens can play havoc with your melatonin levels, which is the chemical that promotes sleep. Creating a sleep sanctuary in your bedroom means removing all types of technology so you can fall asleep quickly and wake, fully rested. So, no more scrolling before you settle down!

Remember – a good night’s sleep means a good bedtime routine. So, turn off all those digital devices at least one hours before you head to bed.

Keep your bedroom tidy

Modern life strikes again! It is not always easy to keep on top of the mess in our bedrooms. Clothes, mugs, books, the kids’ toys, and general clutter always manages to find a way in. However, to promote sleep you need to become dedicated to reducing the levels of junk in your room and keep it tidier. Get into the habit of tidying up before you get into bed or when you wake up in the morning.

And finally, block out the light

Keeping out as much light as possible in your bedroom will help keep you rested and relaxed. So, invest in some blackout blinds, or try an eye mask.