Back to School and Back to a normal Sleeping Routine

The Summer holidays are always fun but with the late nights and lie ins in the morning the girls sleep patterns are a mess and the idea that they are back to school soon panics me. The need to get the girls to go to sleep at a reasonable time each evening so they can wake up fresh and ready for a day of learning is dawning on me and so I am using the last few days to get them ready thanks to some help from Silentnight.

We were sent this fabulous Sleep kit for the girls to help us prepare and we were also sent some top tips by Silentnight’s sleep expert, Dr Nerina Ramiakhan. Below are the tips we were sent.

1.       Start to introduce technology-free time in the evenings
This is a huge issue in our house as the girls love going to bed with their tablets but we do find they are not as rested the next day. We will introduce a one hour slot before bed where they have no technology. That means no tv, tablets or mobile phones. It is also recommended that the bedroom should be a technology free environment.

2.       Gradually reintroduce earlier bedtimes
The girls should be going to bed no later than 8:30 to get a decent amount of sleep but it is more like 10pm during the summer holidays. We are gradually introducing earlier bedtimes so that they start to wake up earlier the next day.

3.       A calming pre-sleep routine
During the holidays we have also slipped when it comes to our bedtime routine. Its time to reintroduce bedtime baths and story time to get them ready to sleep.

4.       Have a chat
Talking about the excitement and worry that accompanies going back to school in a new year with a new teacher can help children fall asleep easier as they have less on their minds. Both of our girls are very excited to go back to school and see all of their friends but they do worry about being in a new classroom with a new teacher.

5.       Create a sleep friendly bedroom
To me nothing feels better than brand new bedsheets and a fan cooling the room. With this in mind I have made sure that the girls rooms are just as inviting.

6.       Exercise is key
Keeping the girls active during the day is a great way of ensuring they sleep well at night. If you haven’t done much during the day it is worth going for a walk before bed.

7.       Good nutritional habits
A good balanced diet helps to regulate hormones which in return helps you get a good night sleep.

We have started implementing all of these and hopefully the transition back to school will be smooth without too many grumpy mornings. For more sleep tips visit