Angela Griffin and her kids enjoy the new Wave Hotel at Butlins

Daughters of celebrity mum Angela Griffin, Tallulah and Melissa,
give Butlins new hotel innovation the tween seal of approval

Build a state-of-the-art hotel as big as a cruise ship; fill it with Kindles, Wii consoles, iMacs, PS3s, iPod docks, inter-connecting rooms and cabin-style beds with built-in TVs and you’re guaranteed happy children – and even happier parents.

And now, Butlins is bringing the tween dream to life with the £25 million Wave Hotel & Apartments, designed specially for families with children between pre-school and teenage years.  This is the company’s most significant investment since Sir Billy Butlin set up camp in 1936.

The new concept hotel unleashes the child in everyone with a futuristic Games Port, DVD & Kindle library, walls that transform into 3D features with a special app and lots more future-proofed gizmos. It’s also the first time that Butlins has created a development with a mix of 29 stunning spacious self-catering apartments and 215 stylish hotel rooms.

And it was all hands on deck today as celebrity mum of two and actress, Angela Griffin, boarded the Wave with daughters Tallulah (8) and Melissa (5).

Angela says: “Butlins and Wave are what holiday memories are made of – there are surprises around every corner! We’re a busy family, so it’s great to come to a place that gives us the chance to have fun and spend quality time together – and it’s not just the girls who love all the gadgets at Wave – I’ve definitely given them a run for their money in the Games Port.”

Mike Crowther, Butlins Operations Director, said: “British families are busier than ever, so we’re always looking at new and innovative ways to help families spend time together.  We also know that pleasing everyone on holiday can be a tricky task – but we’re confident that we’ve cracked it with our state-of-the-art tween hotel.”

The hotel has already received pre-booking sales worth more than £2 million, highlighting a surge in demand for high-spec, flexible accommodation that gets the children’s seal of approval.

I can’t wait to get a chance to go and have a look around for myself!