Where’s My Wallet: Android Apps and Gadgets That Can Help Solve Life’s Common Conundrums

In today’s modern-day society, it isn’t surprising that we all encounter life’s little problems every now and again. From losing your wallet to forgetting to sign that document, it’s estimated the average adult forgets three things per day! Whilst many typical everyday problems are relatively minor, some can be quite severe and may require immediate attention. To ensure you never get yourself in a situation where a common problem turns into a nightmare, here are a few simple android apps and gadgets you can start using right away to beat life’s everyday conundrums.


Losing things is one of the most common daily problems we all face from time to time. In fact, we spend an average of 10 minutes every single day searching for lost items, which amounts to over an hour a week! Luckily, Tile has the answer. A simple Bluetooth-powered device that easily attaches to your most important possessions like your phone and keys, Tile will ensure you never spend 10 whole minutes searching for anything again. If you’ve lost an item with Tile attached, simply launch its accompanying app which will give you precise location details of where your item was last placed. But, if you’re still struggling, you can even ring your Tile causing it to make a loud noise – perfect for instantly locating lost items when in a rush!

Alarm Clock for Me

 Getting up on time is something we all have to do, but it’s often easier said than done. Especially if you’ve struggled to get to sleep the night before, getting up early can be a real challenge and, if you’re grumpy and tired, won’t set you up properly for the rest of the day.

Alarm Clock for Me takes on the root of the problem and not only provides a customizable alarm allowing you to be awoken to the sound of your favourite song but also offers an innovative sleep timer feature. Able to play either relaxing tunes or white noise, you’ll be effectively lulled to sleep by this app which will make it a whole lot easier to get yourself up and ready on time in the morning!


For both work and personal reasons, signing documents is crucial. Whether it’s a simple bill to pay or an important contract, forgetting to meet the signing deadline can have disastrous effects. And that’s where DocuSign comes in, to completely re-vamp the way we sign documents. Instead of having to print a physical copy and sign it, Docusign allows you to digitally access and sign legal documents. Simply select a pre-designed signature or write your own if you have a tablet device, click on the sign field, and you’re done!

We have all experienced little problems during our everyday lives, but it’s always useful to have an instant solution on-hand in case things go wrong. Simply take advantage of the above gadgets and android apps and you’ll never lose anything, get up late or miss a document signing ever again!