£50 Road Trip Challenge 

When I was given £50 to complete a Road Trip Challenge I never expected the trip to be quite so eventful.

With a few events taking place down in London I packed the kids and Heather from Bury Family Life into the car and off we went.

I don’t normally drive all the way to London, we either use the train or Hubby drives us. With over 450 miles to cover there and back I filled up the tank and off we went.

The journey started off fairly uneventful, we managed to get most of way down the motorways before we saw flashing lights on the hard shoulder. I may have been going a little bit to fast in the the inside lane so I slowed down. The police car made its way across the lanes waving arms out of windows to slow the traffic. We were the last car through before all the traffic on the motorway was stopped.

We carried on driving cautiously, aware that they don’t normally stop traffic for no reason and prepared to come across a horrific accident. Instead we saw more flashing lights and lots of police officers at the side of the road. As we passed they ran straight across the road dragging something heavy. We could only assume it was a motorway stinger and I think we were right when a few minutes later a silver car passed up very quickly followed by two more police cars. It was a few miles later when the fresh tyre tracks stretched the length of the carriageways and obviously carried the speeding car onto the hard shoulder.

We were convinced that our interesting journey was now going to be boring but we couldn’t have been more wrong. From the people parachuting just at the side of the motorway to the Chinook we saw over London and the Red Kites flying along the M40 I really wished I wasn’t driving so I could take in the sights of such a fantastic journey.

Arriving in London we soon got lost in the one way system. Why did the sat nav always want me to turn right down a no right turn road?

I have never been on one of the tour buses in London but I don’t think I need to now.

Over the course of two days we managed to see most of the London tourist attractions from the London Eye and Big Ben to Harrods and Trafalgar Square. We drove through Soho and Oxford Circus, we saw the Ritz and the Natural History Museum in fact the only place I think we didn’t see was Buckingham Palace.

I can’t say driving around London was a fun experience but I certainly enjoyed the views!