5 Ways to Build Maths into Your Child

Even though Maths is a crucial area of knowledge that can be extremely useful in our everyday lives, many children, and even adults, struggle to understand it. However, there are some great ways you, as a parent or a teacher, can help a child not only understand maths but enjoy and succeed in it as well.

Here are some of the best 5 ways you can use to build maths into your child:

Use real-life examples to teach children maths

Among the many subjects learnt at school, maths is one of the most useful in day-to-day life. You can point to your child how people use maths skills in their daily lives. For example, you can explain to your child that people make use of maths all the time to figure out how much their net pay will be when they get a job when paying bills, or giving tips in cafes and restaurants. You can work out your family’s budget with your child to help them appreciate such real-life uses of maths.

Make maths fun and exciting to learn

Maths does not have to be a dull area of learning due to the use of confusing concepts. You can make it fun to learn for your child by incorporating games, fun activities, puzzles and other exciting things. Luckily, you can find excellent resources at Cazoom Maths to help you teach your child maths in a fun and exciting way. And the good thing is that the resources include workbooks and other learning aids that are tailored to different learning levels so you can easily find something that works well for your child.

Make use of technology

The chances are that your child uses mobile devices and technology at home or school to play or do other things. For example, they may be using tablets and computers as they play various games. You can use the devices to help them learn maths. They can use them to make simple graphs, charts and other maths-related things. As they enjoy using the technology, you will also build maths into them.

Supervise your child when doing their homework

Another way to help build maths into your child is to ensure they approach their homework properly. You should encourage them to go through the sample problems, understand them and study their textbooks before attempting their homework problems. You may also work out with them similar problems following the methodology taught in class so they get the concepts better and use them in their homework.

Engage the child in using maths at home

Because maths is an area of study that we use at home for various activities, you can engage your child in appropriate activities to help build it into them. For example, you can give them some sweets and tell them to share equally among their siblings or friends, and then explain to them that this is division. You can also engage a child in cutting a cake into several pieces to teach them fractions. For example, if they share a cake among eight people equally, teach them that each gets a share referred to as an eighth.


You use the above ways to build maths into your child and help them succeed in the subject. You can also check out some of the best resources from the leading providers and buy them or subscribe to the online ones so they can make your child’s learning more fun and exciting.