5 Quick and Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Conservatory

Do you have a conservatory that you use regularly and is starting to show signs of wear? Conservatories are often one of the most-used spaces in a home so it’s only natural you want the space to be inviting and functional. We’ve got you covered with five quick and easy ways you can upgrade your conservatory, making the space feel fresh and new.

Change the Layout of the Conservatory

Before you think about purchasing new furniture you may want to re-think the layout of the conservatory. What worked for you in the past may no longer hold. Perhaps you use the space differently now. If so, it’s time for the layout to better reflect your needs. Don’t be afraid to move things around temporarily, give it a try, see how you like it and then make more changes if needed. Once you find a layout that works for you, then you can address whether or not new furniture is needed.

Declutter the Space and Put an Emphasis on Storage

Simply getting rid of clutter will make the conservatory feel more spacious, modern and welcoming. When you’ve got a lot of clutter in a room, it ages the space and makes it feel like there is no design plan. Storage should be a big priority in your conservatory, and you can look for multi-functional pieces.

Install Underfloor Heating

While your first inclination may be to replace the flooring, you may want to take it a step further and install underfloor heating. This is an incredibly luxurious upgrade and can make the space more comfortable during the autumn and winter months when the cold and dampness can be an issue.

Change the Colour Palette with a Fresh Coat of Paint

If you want maximum impact for the least amount of time, money and effort, then painting is the way to go. Choosing a trending new colour palette and applying a fresh coat of paint could be enough and all the space needs.

Install a New Roof

Often people focus on the interior of the conservatory when it comes to updates, but it’s important to remember there is an exterior too. Installing a new roof is a fabulous way to update the conservatory and ensure it is properly weatherproofed with no leaks to worry about.

In terms of what type of roofing you should pick, corrugated roofing sheets could be an ideal option. Plastic roof sheets or polycarbonate sheets are easy and quick to install. They are lightweight to handle, will modernise the look of the conservatory, offer waterproofing properties and come in a variety of great colours. You can try plastic roof sheets on any sized conservatory, so don’t worry about it needing to fit a particular dimension. Just imagine what a different-coloured roof would look like, transforming the entire vibe.

By using these tips and going about the upgrades, you will find that you fall in love with your conservatory all over again.