5 Dating Deal-breakers that will ensure you stay single

Is your love life languishing? If you’re struggling to find that special someone, or even to fill your Friday nights, check out these deal breakers to see if you’re committing a major relationship faux pas and unwittingly dooming your dates.Bad Teeth

In an online survey of more than 5,400 singles, teeth topped the list of important factors in a member of the opposite sex.  Both men and women judge a person’s teeth more than any other feature, with 58 percent of men and 71 percent of women responding to this feature. The reasoning behind this may hearken all the way back to our evolutionary instincts. Teeth are a physical indicator of another person’s age and health. Better teeth often indicate a better reproductive match and appeal to us on a primal level.

Straight, white teeth are most attractive, but extreme whitening doesn’t increase attractiveness when it exceeds the range of natural whiteness. Regular visits to the Dentist in San Francisco is often all you need to maintain the kind of smile that will attract a date; however, you may want to consider getting some cosmetic dentistry done if your teeth have seen better days. As this infographic about cosmetic dentistry procedures shows, these services are all relatively affordable, ranging from basic teeth cleaning to whitening and veneers.

Poor Grammar

Grammar held the number two spot for things that women and men judge most in the opposite sex, with 55 percent of men and 69 percent of women ranking this highly. If grammar is a weak point for you, brushing up on your speaking skills could help you land that date. Opting in for an extra English course or stopping to read some high level literature may make a big difference. Turn off the low brow comedy and spend a few hours emulating the upper classes of Downton Abbey and your romantic outlook may take a surprising turn for the better.

High Levels of Debt

A whopping 65 percent of singles surveyed indicated that they would rule out a potential date if the person had more than $5,000 in debt. If you’re drowning in debt, chances are good that the big red negative is glowing like a stop sign to the opposite sex. No one wants to marry into a pile of debt or risk sharing their own hard-earned cash with a careless spender. Take stock of your financial situation and see if this is what’s holding you back from a lasting romance.

Since debt isn’t a topic you’re likely to address on a first date, this little deal-breaker might give you a clue as to why your relationships die just as you delve into deeper issues. Pay off those credit cards and consider that your future dates might be more impressed by your savvy saving skills than your generous spending if you can’t really afford those five-star dinners you’re hoping to impress them with.

Living with Parents

Still living at home with your parents? Nearly half of singles will cross you off their list of eligible daters for this. This phenomenon has become so common that today’s young adults are earning the moniker, the “Boomerang Generation.” Approximately 3.2 million Britons between 20 and 34 still live at home. Rising housing costs and unemployment are leading causes of the trend. Though you’re certainly not alone if you have to tiptoe past Mom and Dad to get upstairs with your date, you’ll certainly stand out more if you have a place of your own.

Violating a Partner’s Trust

Having a significant other that one can trust and confide in is one of the top relationship must haves for both men and women. This ranked number one for men, with 63 percent of respondents marking this as essential. For women, it came in at number two with 77 percent of respondents ranking it highly. Being treated with respect came in first for ladies. If you’re looking for one thing you can change to give your relationship a better chance of surviving, maintaining a high level of trust with your partner is a great place to start.

Compare your habits against these major singles sins and see if there are any areas you can change to increase your chances of scoring a successful date.