5 bedtime essentials every Mummy needs

Few things (if any) are more life-changing than becoming a Mum. From changing diapers, feeding to school runs… It. Is. Constant. Wherever you are on your Mummy journey, one thing you can always do with more of it is not just coffee. It’s sleep. When little one’s come along it’s easy and sometimes unavoidable to let your bedtime routine go out the window. Though after a while lack of sleep affects everything from your focus, confidence to the joy of being a parent. If you are struggling to get that quality shut-eye you need to function, don’t worry. Here are some snoozing essentials to help you fall back in love with bedtime and get better sleep.

And… Breathe

By the time bedtime comes the last thing most Mum’s are feeling is relaxed. Before you pour the wine… Did you know some simple breathwork could take you from ‘ahh’ to ‘zen’! Try abdominal breathing. Lay on the floor (pop down a yoga mat or cushion to get comfy), and close your eyes. Place one hand on your tummy and one on your chest. Breathe in slowly through your nose and focus on filling your stomach with air as you reach the top. Then exhale slowly through your nose.  Repeat a few times and before you know it you’re ready to float up the stairs.

The Perfect Pillow

When was the last time you treated yourself? Exactly. It is time. And what every Mummy deserves is the perfect pillow. Something not too high, not too low, and scrumptiously comfy. If you want to score beauty points while you snooze, go for natural fabrics, like bamboo. The wonder plant is hypoallergenic and kind to delicate skin, so if your little people jump in bed with you in the morning you are sorted.

P.S- Just make sure they bring breakfast!

Sleepy Nightcap

While coffee might get you through those early mornings when it comes to bedtime the right beverage can make a big difference between waking up jolly or groggy. Herbal tea, especially a lavender blend is a great choice as they are naturally caffeine-free. Sweet tooth? The good news, hot chocolate is on the bedtime menu. Add some warm milk, pop yourself on the sofa and enjoy. Be sure to go for low sugar options, like Ovaltine and you will be yawning by the time you finish the cup.

A good book

It’s not just your little ones that can benefit from a bedtime story! Studies have shown that reading before bed can help reduce stress, clear your mind and prepare you for a good night’s sleep. Take a break from Netflix and check out the latest best-sellers. See what takes your fancy. Though perhaps give thrillers a swerve and go for something uplifting and light-hearted. It’s a great way to switch off from the day and stop worrying about tomorrow’s mummy duties…Which you will be taking on with gusto with proper rest.

Cosy Bedding

Ooh, is there anything better than snuggling into bed with new sheets? Nope. Mummy’s need their beauty sleep and looking forward to bedtime starts with having the right bedding. If you’re less than in love with your current bed sheets it’s time for an upgrade. A wonderful bed is an all-time bedtime essential for every Mum. Make sure your bed covers feel cool, soft, and comfy. As there is no better way to recharge than a good night’s kip!

Remember sleep is as important for you as it is for your little ones. Prioritising rest will have you feeling happy, healthy, and ready to MUM!