4 Tips to Make Sure Your Residential Log Cabin Lasts Forever

Do you dream of owning a log cabin? Living in a wooden home might give you great pleasure as they look aesthetically good. But do you know about their longevity? This answer depends on the care and maintenance you give to them.

With proper care, you can keep your timber house looking fresh and vibrant for the coming generations. In addition, it will add great value to your property. The following are tips to make sure your residential log cabins uk last forever:

Select a Suitable Stain and Paint

Once you build the log cabins, seal all raw materials with paint or stain. But while selecting them, be careful. Nowadays, various non-toxic stains and safe paints are available in the market. Unable to choose the right one? Consider the weather conditions of the area you live as a guideline.

If you live in a place that annually witnesses a lot of rain, pick a paint that offers waterproof protection. Also, make sure to coat every log and not to leave even a tiny area. Otherwise, it can lead to many problems in the future. However, if your cabin gets a lot of sunshine, you should opt for water-based stains.

Be Careful About Pest Control

You can effectively stop excessive wooden decay at your log cabin by catching pests timely. Carpenter bees, termites, and long-horned beetles love wooden structures. In addition, flies, spiders, bed bugs, chipmunks, squirrels, and woodpeckers leave their marks. So, it would be best to treat your log home with borate. It is a natural chemical compound consisting of boron and oxygen.

Also, inspect the wood from time to time for any sign of pests. For example, listen for noises beneath the floors, inside the walls, or above the ceiling. If the size or level of infestation is small, fumigate the cabin yourself. Otherwise, schedule a treatment with a professional.

Minimise Harsh Elements Exposure

The longevity of a log cabin depends not only on its construction but also on its construction. Therefore, it is important to use materials that prevent the timber from sun damage; otherwise, it will lose its natural colour. In addition, use solutions that protect a log house from UV rays, snow, and rain.

You can make your log cabins last longer by applying a coat of protective elements on wood. You can also use wood-friendly oil to coat the logs. In this way, harsh elements cannot damage the wooden home.

Do Not Forget About Regular Maintenance

There is no need to think that maintaining the log cabin is a full-time job. If you regularly schedule maintenance, it can make your wooden home last for a few years or look new for decades. So, timely clean the log cabins to extend their life. Walk around the house and check if there is any discolouration, moisture dust, or mould on exterior logs, doors, or windows.

With time, contaminants on the surface eat away the stain integrity. To avoid this, wash the cabin exteriors regularly and avoid debris sitting on the logs for too long. In addition, clear overgrown landscaping near your house to keep bugs, dirt, birds, water, and bugs away from the exterior walls.

Final Words

Log cabins look aesthetically beautiful and offer you a healthy living. So, as a log cabin owner, follow the tips mentioned above to increase the life of your wooden house. You can make your log house last longer with proper care and maintenance.