2 and a half stone down – still a long way to go

28 weeks ago I set off on a journey that I had travelled before. I signed up to Slimming World for what feels like the 100th time but this time I had some help. I signed up for a three month trial of XLS Medical Max Strength and I was sceptical. I have heard all sorts of stories of magic diet pills but never from someone I knew so I wasn’t overly confident that they would make a difference to my life.

After the three month trial I had lost one and a half stone and I knew then that XLS Max Strength  had helped keep me on track and protect my weight loss when I had slipped.  I decided to continue using XLS Max strength and by the middle of October I had lost two stone. When I wrote about losing two stone I mentioned a hope to lose another stone before Christmas but with my upcoming holiday to Florida I really dont think that will be possible. What I am hoping is that I can get to Christmas with this loss in tact.

I was really happy to receive this award and I couldn’t have done it without the XLS support including the calls with the dietician. We have agreed that I will continue to use XLS whilst I am on holiday in the hopes that it will help to minimise the impact that all the american food will have on my waistline and I am looking forward to not completely hating my holiday photos and maybe actually have some with me in them!

These are not the most flattering photos but I am amazed at the difference!