7 Simple Yet Effective Ways of Adding Value to Your Home

Nowadays, buyers always look at double-glazing features in any home. Before parting with a single coin from their pocket or even signing the tenancy agreement, they will be keen to check every part of the property. Be sensitive in the styling of the house, or you may end up decreasing its intended value, thus going at a big and embarrassing loss. At propertypriceadvice, you will find the below 7 worthwhile additions that can be made on your property to add significant value to it.

Some Remodelling

High demands are on remodelled houses. Before you carry out some extensions, consider improving the existing design, especially in the living or dining area. It is also worth looking at some of the maintenance tasks that you may have been neglecting. A well-maintained home will sell quicker and for higher value than one that looks like it needs work. Some tasks you will be able to perform yourself such as jet washing the paths and paving, but get a professional company like Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Spokane WA when it comes to clearing out your gutters as this can be dangerous.

Have a modest floorplan of the current layout. To achieve the optimum layout, work around removing or adding some wall touches. Before you remove the walls, check the floor joists’ directions. You can as well think of adding some new stud walls to divide the existing space. This is very straightforward yet cost-effective and guarantees an acoustic taste. Since calculations are required, consult a professional structural engineer to be assured of rich, quality, and satisfactory work. The structural walls can be removed and replaced with steelwork. In the short term, you will be able to increase the rental income, thus high-profit margins in the long run.

Do Some Combinations

Go the extra mile and make use of circulation spaces like corridors and halls that may somewhat not be needed in some home lifestyles. How about combining the dining room and the kitchen to bring forth a dining kitchen? You can as well combine other prospective multi-functional house spaces. Having few but large rooms with clear sightlines make the house seem large, and this is especially if the wall finishes and flooring continue all through. On the other hand, combining much smaller rooms, like the dining room and kitchen, is a top remodelling option for your home.

Utilize The Garden Space

Extensive gardens are becoming less and less beautiful. The first impression of a home is the garden. Therefore, you can make good value of the outdoor space in your garden and create an exciting charm. The garden can be made to feel like a warm reception room, especially if the garden is currently being neglected. Add some patio or decking and turn the garden into an excellent space for entertainment. Another welcome addition is pitching summer houses, and this is especially when the garden has much extra spacing. Carry out the simple and necessary activities like tidying up the lawn and sweeping away chaff or leaves to make it stand out.

Work On the Garage

Very many people prefer an additional reception room to the garage. Therefore, if you are in the position to make some adjustments, go ahead. Convert the garage and add some square footage to the home. Depending on the location of the garage, home offices, or even wonderful playrooms for children can be made from it. Utilize any available space.

How About Some Kitchen Renovations?

The heart of the home is usually the kitchen and makes approximately 15% of the potential value to be added. Can there be any likeable space than a large welcoming room that offers some cook up space for a feast and at the same time, some entertainment? You can add some few touches and make it stand out. You can as well expand the kitchen onto one of its sides. This gives it a more valuable space.

Don’t forget the Bathroom!

Enough talk on the dining room, living room and the kitchen. The bathroom should now be next for some overhaul. Update it if it looks outdated. For it to appeal to your buyers, you can consider adding a crisp white suite. Be creative and create elegance by adding some ultra-stylish features. Adding value to bathrooms may be an expensive investment, but it will be worth your effort. It will surely add 4% of the total value to your property.


Conservatories are a great way of adding square footage to your home. You can add one just next to the kitchen or dining area to increase the size of this spacing. Be sure to keep it at comfortable temperatures since very many property buyers prefer some lukewarm temperature rooms. The best way to do this would be to have a solid conservatory roof rather than glass. Conservatory Roof Conversions Company, Projects4Roofing have a huge range of roofing options available that can make your conservatory look amazing.


Watch out for the typical defects that put buyers off. These are things that can be solved by simple DIY activities. Repair damaged windows, loose tiles, and even slight cracks on the ceiling. If the property is structurally faulty, buyers will use this as negotiating leverage or simply walk away.