Where should we go on holiday next?

Since coming back from Portugal for a weekend in the sun last week I have been pining for a hot country, a beautiful beach and the sun shining on my face. Instead I have a cold and snowy Manchester greeting me today.

We have lots of holidays planned this year but I know we can squeeze in a few more, after all there are 6 whole months this year in which we are not leaving the country. Something has to change!

Holiday Gems have come up with this fabulous Interactive questionnaire that will help me determine where I should go on holiday next.

I decided that I wanted to look for somewhere to go in the May half term holidays.

I want it to be hot enough to not wear very much clothing and spend a lot of time in the pool. I absolutely loved this page and recommend you try it just to see what happens to the poor dog (currently pictured as a hotdog).

We are frequent flyers so I decided that I would be willing to fly for around 6 hours and we would definitely need the beach, a pool and some sight seeing to keep us all occupied.

I was really impressed when it suggested that my ideal location would be Sharm El Sheik in Egypt which is definitely somewhere I want to visit. It also recommended the Algarve, Zante and Rhodes which again are fabulous places I would like to go.

If you are lacking inspiration on where to go for your holiday it is definitely a fun and handy thing to try. Now I am going to see where I should go in October.