Welcome to the Lost Kingdom at Paultons Park #LostKingdom


The weekend just gone saw us drive all the way down to the south of the country for a special day out at Paultons Park. Now most people will only know of Paultons Park because it is home to Peppa Pig World but as I grew up down south I remember it fondly from even before Peppa came along and it has always had some great rides with short queues unlike the larger Merlin Theme parks.

Peppa Pig world is a fantastic attraction aimed at the younger kids but what Paultons Park wanted to do was open an area that was suitable for children aged 6 + and they came up with the idea of the Lost Kingdom. The Lost Kingdom is a prehistoric themed area with two fantastic family rollercoasters (Flight of the Pterosaur and Velociraptor) which are suitable for over 4 years and above 1m tall as well as a smaller roller coaster (Dino Chase) which is suitable for children aged 1 and above. There is also a spinning ride (Boulderdash), a dinosaur safari ride (Dinosaur tour company) and a magic carpet type ride (Temple heights). The area is full of animatronic dinosaurs and even has a special themed play park called Little Explorers. You can also walk along the Discovery trail which is a sensory walk through the marshlands and visit the Alive dinosaur encounter where you can meet a roaming dinosaur!

The Lost Kingdom opens to the public on 17th May and I would definitely recommend a visit. The new family rollercoasters in particular are fantastic and the sort of thing that kids are usually too short to go on so I was really impressed with those and they were great for my little thrill seekers. Check out the video that the girls made of our day.
The whole of the Lost Kingdom was amazing to look at and the themeing of the area is brilliant with sound effects and visuals really taking you back in time and is a must visit for dinosaur enthusiasts.


We loved spending time in the Lost Kingdom but there is so much to do elsewhere as well so make sure you leave plenty of time to visit the rest of the park. We loved the new Critter Creek area and visiting the large selection of animals as well as enjoying some of the older rides. Paultons Park is great at catering for the younger thrill seekers and I was really glad to see that Alison (6 years old and 1.2 metres tall) was able to go on every ride apart from the Go Karts and the ones she was too tall for!


We would definitely recommend you visit and you can find out more about the theme park on the Paultons Park Website.