The Ultimate Camping Guide by Halfords

Camping guide

Last year we bought a tent, sleeping bags and other camping equipment so that we could camp at Camp Bestival but that is the only time we have used it. I would love to be able to go camping with the girls at other times of the year but I wouldnt even know where to start. I mean I wouldnt know how to book a camp site or even how to find one let alone what we might need to take with us. It was different at the festival as we knew that there would be facilities there that would make the whole camping experience easier.

This year Halfords have put together The Ultimate Camping Guide which details all sorts of things such as tourist hotspots and the essentials you need to take with you. It has split the UK in to different areas and even tells you about some great local events that you could plan your trip around. There are 8 different areas listed in the guide each highlighting 3 different tourist hotspots, 3 different special events, 2 recommended campsites and even a cycle route. That is a lot of information to use to plan your trip and to make it even better there is also 20 pages packed full of even more information. You will find details about ways to entertain little ones, beginners tips, camping recipes and so much more. In fact it has really given me the camping bug and as soon as the weather is nicer I will be choosing a campsite and taking the kids for a night under the stars.

If you haven’t camped yet you can get all of your camping essentials at Halfords including tents of all shapes and sizes and everything else you might need.

If you have any hints and tips for family camping I would love to hear them.