TreeTop Trek at Heaton Park Manchester

Earlier this year we went to the TreeTop Nets at Heaton Park in Manchester. At that point, they were still building the TreeTop Trek but we couldn’t wait to get back and give it a go. I am absolutely terrified of this sort of thing so we roped in a family friend to ensure that each of the kids had a grown up with them.

We shouldn’t have worried though. It was the grown-ups who needed more help on the Treetop Trek than the kids as they had no fear whatsoever. The Treetop Trek at Heaton Park has two different treks. The Mini Trek that is suitable for younger adventurers and those who are not as confident and the Zip trek for ages 7 plus that includes 24 Zip lines. When you first arrive for your time slot you go through a safety briefing and get into your harness. You are then attached to your course and away you go. Our girls were big enough for the Zip Trek course and were very excited to get started.

The Treetop Trek at Heaton Park includes a variety of different obstacles to get you around the course from platforms to walk across to zip lines. They get harder as you make your way around the course with higher platforms that are further apart and longer faster ziplines.

The zip trek course took around two hours to get all the way around and they all really enjoyed it. In fact, as they were removing their harnesses they asked when they would be able to come back and have a go again.  The Mini Trek costs £18 each and the Zip Trek costs £24 for kids and £32 for adults.

We would definitely recommend TreeTop Trek and Treetop Nets for families of all ages and next time I have been told that I have to go into the trees with them, wish me luck!