Top tips for amazing family photos

Last year when I headed to Lakitira in Kos I took absolutely loads of photos. Some of which were fabulous and some a complete waste of time so this year I thought I would use some of those photos to show some of my top tips for amazing family holiday photos you want to show to everyone.When taking photos of scenery make backgrounds interesting by adding people. This makes it more relevant to your family and the same scene becomes much more part of your family holiday.

The second photo puts Alison in focus more than the ruins but it shows that we were there rather than a generic photo of ruins.

The next tip I worked out is that when on the auto setting on your camera your photos can change drastically depending on where you set your focus. The light difference in these two shots was purely down to me focusing on the umbrella instead of the background.

I think the difference is really quite dramatic and the second shot captured what I was seeing much more naturally than the first.

Fancy angles are all well and good but you don’t want to tilt your head too much to look at a shot. Personally, I think the second shot works better.

Some of the best shots we have from our holidays are natural shots that I took using a long lens. This meant I was able to capture the girls having fun without them realising I was taking a photo.
To finish off I was wanted to say that there are only so many pictures of the sunset and the beach you want to look at when you are sat back at home in the drizzling rain so try to make sure your pictures have a purpose or something that makes them stand out from all the rest. Why not take a look at Dreamstime stock photos for inspiration. A quick search of ‘holiday’ gives thousands of results that can help inspire you on what to look out for in your photos. I know I have seen a few that I want to recreate when we are away next week and if I am really proud of my arty holiday photos, I might even look at making money from them as Dreamstime has a new app. The Dreamstime Companion app allows you to upload and sell your photos to a large community which surely gives me more reason to get creative with my photos and go on holiday more often, why don’t you give it a go too?