Top 5 Family-Friendly Activities In Luton

Ever wondered if there are great things you can do with your family in Luton? Well, you can do simple walks to historical dives. This article will showcase places to explore with your family in Luton, so read on.

Luton is located 48 kilometres from the northwest of Central London. Its population began to grow during the 20th century, resulting in the rise of town centres and functional architectures, which are still used today.

However, the town is usually bypassed on the way to the airport, without knowing what it offers. Unbeknownst to most people, there are many things you can see and do down the countryside, such as going to the family-friendly Stockwood Park.

So, are you raring to go to the countryside? You may check Birmingham to Luton coach tickets online, see if they fit your budget, and plan the dates for your next visit. Moreover, here are some of the things to discover in Luton:

  1. Take A Stroll At The Stockwood Park

Stockwood Park is located on the southern borders of Luton and was previously built as a country estate in the mid-1800s. Now it is famous for its discovery centres, perfect for kids who want to learn beyond the comforts of their schools.

Other parts of the previous estate were transformed into sports fields and athletics facilities ideal for those who want to play different sports with their family during the weekend.

  • Learn History At The Stockwood Discovery Centre

The Stockwood Discovery Centre is the former Stockwood Park Museum. This centre is a perfect place to let your children discover fascinating histories, facts, and other mind-boggling discoveries.

There are also gardens outside the centre’s old and historic building for the family to enjoy. They will also be in awe of how transportation evolved during the past centuries across the Discovery Hall.

Likewise, if you want to dive into history, you may take a look at their Discovery Gallery. Here, you can learn the local history of Bedfordshire, see artefacts from the Roman, Anglo-Saxon, and Medieval periods. If you’re interested in local craftsmanship, you may also want to check the collection of arts from local villages of Bedfordshire from the 1930s to the 1950s.

  • Feed The Animals At The Woodside Animal Farm

This is a perfect place for your family, especially your kids, to enjoy. Woodside Farm allows kids to feed animals as long as they do it properly and under the care of a tour guide. However, some animal engagement activities could be seasonal. For example, engagement with lambs and rabbits is only available during the Easter holidays.

Your children will also be taught the proper way of feeding the animals and learning their behaviour while touring the farm. The animals include goats, cows, alpacas, and ponies. Other activities inside the farm include bike and scooter rides, fair rides, or indoor and outdoor playgrounds. 

  • Enjoy Activities At The Luton Carnival

The Luton Carnival is the largest one-day festivity in the UK during Bank Holiday Saturday of May. So, bring your family and enjoy the dazzling music, performances, and other fantastic treats.

This carnival was brought by the West Indian communities during the 1970s. From there, it has sprung up and became one of the most enjoyed and appreciated festivals in the UK. There will be many food stalls during the festival, each carrying different cuisines, arts and crafts, dancing, and more.   

  • Get Up Close With Animals At The ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

This is another family and kid-friendly spot to visit. Just a few kilometres from Dunstable Downs sits the largest zoo in the UK. Owned and facilitated by the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), the Whipsnade Zoo houses animals of different origins, such as Indian rhinos, Asian elephants, African lions, butterflies from all over the world, and many more.

The zoo also has kid-friendly activities, such as ‘Zoo Explorers,’ where they teach children aged five to seven, animal-related games and zookeeping activities. In addition, the zoo offers close-up experiences with some animals, such as rhinos and giraffes, but with an extra fee.

These are just some of the fun places and experiences you may have in Luton. Whichever you choose, remember that family holidays are best enjoyed when planned carefully.

Final Words

Now that you know some family-friendly spots in Luton, you may want to go see the town and enjoy some activities with your children. It will be a memorable experience for your kids as they’ll learn how to feed the animals and see how they behave. When you’ve explored the zoo, you may introduce them to some fascinating facts about the locals and the town’s history in the museum and discovery centre.

When you’re done with all the activities, you may let your family rest in the comforting shade of the trees in Stockwood Park. With all these ideas, your family weekend bonding will be an unforgettable one.