Thorpe Park Summer fun


When I heard that were looking at helping bloggers enjoy the summer holiday with their School’s Out for Summer programme I had to take part. With lots of 2 for 1 offer codes for fantastic family days out as well as discount codes for going to the cinema they have pulled together some brilliant offers to keep all the family happy during the summer holidays.

We were given £80 to spend some time together as a family and with my little brother turning 14 yesterday, and having received 5 review tickets for Thorpe Park, nine of us headed there for the day with the money and the voucher.

With three adults, four teenagers and my two girls (5 and 3) we decided to split up for the first half of the day and meet up after lunch.

The thrill seekers (teenagers and my mum) headed of to do some of the big rides using the fast track passes we had. They managed to go on Colossus, Nemesis Inferno, Saw, Loggers Leap and Tidal Wave in less than two hours and they all looked like drowned rats when we met up for lunch. All of them that is apart from my nephew Tom who refused to go on the wet rides as he didn’t want to get his hair wet!

After lunch we all went on the Rumba Rapids and then headed over to Swarm where the five thrill seekers joined the fast track queue once more whilst we had an ice cream and enjoyed wandering around the fantastic setting that surrounds the Swarm ride. The attention to detail in that area is phenomenal and the girls and I were mesmerised by the fire truck that shot out flames occasionally.

Whilst the thrill seekers were off enjoying the big rides Grandad, Elizabeth, Alison and I managed to go on quite a few smaller rides. I was amazed at how many rides the girls were able to go on. Thankfully Alison just tops off the 1m mark which increased the rides we were able to enjoy. We loved X, Mr Monkeys Banana Boat, Rocky Express and the Carousel so much we went on each one twice and we also went on the Flying Fish.

What surprised me was how myself and Elizabeth chickened out of the Zodiac ride but Alison went on and loved it. She completely put me to shame!

We loved strolling around the park and looking at all the details that most people seemed to walk right past. I was showing the teenagers some of the things I had seen and I was amazed that they walked past the shark hanging out of a building without even noticing. As we were walking round the park it was also very evident that Thorpe Park are working themselves up to hosting the Sun Scream week that will wind up the Summer holiday season. We also heard some announcements about the offers on the season passes and annual passes which make really good deals if you lived closer.